As soon as the Trasancos Semente School was founded we started offering  a great deal of free cultural activities for young children with the objective of underscore the value of Galician culture and our region.

We had lunch with O Apalpador (the Galician equivalent of Father Christmas).  We sang Os Maios (a festival celebrating the beginning of Spring). We participated in a pilgrimage to celebrate to honor Galician literature. We celebrated Magusto (Autumn festival) and Samaím (a festival reminiscent of Halloween) in collaboration with the Terra de Pontedeume Collective and the Caamouco Education Association. Finally, we went hiking and we made a bonfire to observe the Summer solstice.

However, over the past two years we have continued to look for a more suitable location for our school, to raise funds in order to improve our materials and to be able to offer a high quality education without passing on the costs to the families. We have organized workshops, community meals, concerts and festivals. We have been gifted with the generous participation of artists such as Xabier Díaz, Vai Rañala Meu, OsDousDeSempre+1, Leandro Lamas and Antón Cortizas. Storytellers Pablísimo and Paula Carballeira and singers like Uxía have also accompanied us. We have been to celebrations, fairs, and festivals and have sold our original t-shirts and toys.