The Trasancos Association was created  in 2013 with the goal of promoting a Galician speaking space for toddlers and young children in Trasancos. It was founded by activists interested in giving our language a future and reversing the current descending trend in use, and also by parents who want to offer their children an option for a quality education. We, the founders, are all empowered people who believe that it is up to us to make our own history and our own future, and that we have the necessary tools to do so.

Following a number of open meetings with the Compostela and Vigo Semente Schools, their enthusiasm was so infections that we decided to add a third angle to the Galician Education School network.

The Trasancos Semente School is sustained by the experience of the Compostela and Vigo Semente Schools, because we agree on their Sementes’ principles: co-education, secularism, assembly system, interaction with nature, respect of the child’s self-regulation, interaction in their neighborhood and in their town, and in the use of our language. We believe there is plenty of space for everyone in this project, and above all we all want to offer a solution to a particular need in our region: the lack of a Galician-speaking space for children with transformative educational principles